Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Video Research

Beyonce 'run the world'Positive

it is very hard to find a music video that represents women in a positive way however this one does.
the video is just three women standing there singing and dancing about how girls 'run the world'.

Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Negative

This video shows women in a negative way as it is just three men leading three barely clothed women around. The main singer is also singing about what he would do to them and saying
that he knows that every women 'wants' him. 

Rihanna 'Pour it out' Negative

This video is of rihanna sitting on a golden
chairs actng like she has authority over the 
viewers. she is wearing a short skirt which has
been ripped to show off her underwear. There 
are other girls dancing in the background who 
are also barely clothed and who are put into 
slow motion to show them off more. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty

This video is the complete opposite of Jessie J's video as it includes many things that are the opposite. For example in Jessie J's video it had a low angle camera shot to show that she was in control but in Christina Aguilera's video it has high angle camera shots to make the viewer feel like they're in control. It also showed the women dancing in a wrestling ring where the only people in the crowd were men who were cheering. The video also had many women barely clothed doing very sexually promiscuous dancing whilst in Jessie J's video the women were all fully clothed and dancing like a man would dance. 

Jessie J - DILAD

                                                Jessie J

in this video jessie j is singing about that she can do everything that a boy can do. The background dancers help to show this by dressing like boys, smoking cigars, getting tatoos and dancing like boys. they also gamble, hang around in gang like groups and have short hair. the cinematography used in this video is mainly fast cuts/ scene changes. they used low angle shots which make the singer look more powerful like they have control over the viewer. they also use close ups as that displays emotion. and in this occasion it displays here as angry as men are portrayed as more angry than women.