Monday, 16 December 2013

3 magazines

 This magazine is called 'Top Gear' and it is a magazine about cars. It is based on the popular TV show top gear. It is mainly aimed at a male audience as the font colours and styles are bold and very  masculine. There is only one coverline on the magazine however it stands out as it is bold and the colours are bold and fit in well with the grey background of the tyres. The title also stands out with the background as it is a large font in jet black writing.

This magazine is called 'Match of the Day' and is based on football (mainly the premier league). The target audience is men as it is about  mens football and football is a masculine sport. the cover-lines are  mainly all in the same font style which is rare for a magazine. The Masthead stands out as it is Bold and the black text stands out  on the yellow background.

This magazine is called 'TIME' and it is based on politics and world news. This is shown by Barack Obama being shown on the front cover and the coverlines are about politics.. the magazine is for both genders however it is more masculine as the fonts are bold. There are very few coverlines on the page and where there are some they are placed at the top or side of the image to so the image isn't disturbed in any way.