Friday, 31 January 2014

Magazine cover design

This is my sketched design of my magazine front cover.  however in the actual design i will make the full title at the at the top of the page instead of the top and bottom. I will also include more cover-lines to make the page fuller and i will include a

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ideas for my Magazine title

Teenage Dream
Forever A Teen
Total Teen
Teenage Weekly
Simply a teenager

cover lines for my magazine

"10 quick fashion tips"
"spice up your summer wardrobe"
"How to got the perfect beach body fast"
"5 secrets about the best boy bands"
"get popular in a week"
"what to wear NOW"
"How to tell him you want to be more than friends"
"10 Top relationship tips"
"back to school shopping list"
"How to throw the worlds best party"
"50 Shades of nail varnish"

Thursday, 16 January 2014


  1. How many different font styles do you see on the front cover?
  1. How many different font sizes are used?
  1. How many different font colours are used?
  1. How many coverlines are there?
  1. Describe the font used for the magazine title.
      The font used for the title is bold and it stands out but it is also a modern font.

  1. How does the title communicate who the target audience are?
The title communicates to the age and target audience as it is a womens magazine and the title is in a pink font and the writing is curly and looks quite girly.

  1. What’s the main coverline and how do you know?
The main coverline is “body revolution 12 new body shapes” this is because it is the biggest coverline there and it is the main thing you see except for the main image and title

  1. Explain how and why different colours are used on the cover.
Different colours are used to make it more lively and eye catching.

  1. Explain how and why different fonts are used on the front cover
Different fonts are used on the front cover to show a different perspective of each story and to show that each story is for something else such as they would use girly, curvy fonts for stories for women

  1. If you could change something about the typography on this cover what  would it be and why would change it?
             i would use a wider range of colours as using only 3 colours is quite plain

magazine front covers

 This is Asymmetrical as there is one large main image on the right and it is balanced on the other side by smaller items
This is Asymmetrically balanced by colour as there is a large image on the right however there is alot of colour on the left which draws your eyes towards the colour instead of just the main image


this front cover is symmetrical as everything on both sides are identical and it looks like a mirror reflection of the other side.