Thursday, 27 February 2014

Masthead- The masthead is the title. For example in this magazine the title is cosmopolitan

Direct Address- This image uses direct address which means it keeps eye contact with you no matter where you are. Direct address is also used in this as in the text it says 'you' and 'your' to make it personal. For example one coverline says 'already in "your" wardrobe'

Model Credits- The model credit is where they say the models name for example in this the magazine the model credit is jessica alba.

Main Image- The main image is the image of the model. The main image is usually aspirational.

Main Coverline- The main coverline is 'body secrets' you can tell this as it is the largest coverline on the page.

The main colours on cosmopolitan are usually pinks and purples as the magazine is a female magazine and it is trying to attract that sort of audience instead of men.

As this magazine is feminist most of the coverlines are about health, sex and beauty. for example a magazine is "Body secrets"

The text is chatty and informal so it appeals and relates to the audience. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Magazine front cover!!

WWW-My magazine cover is good as the title looks like a professional magazine cover and it fits in with the cover.
WWW-Also my magazine cover is good as the main picture and cover-lines contain direct address
WWW-Another reason why my magazine cover is good is because the font style and colours fit in with the image

EBI-To improve my magazine cover i could use different font styles as in most magazine covers they use more than 1 font style.
EBI-Also to improve my magazine cover i could use more colours in the fonts as nearly every magazine will include more than one colour on there cover-lines and only using colour one makes the magazine look plain and boring.
EBI-Another way to make my magazine better is that the background is plain. to make it more colourful and better the background should be a different colour to make it standout and be less plain

Thursday, 6 February 2014

colour connotations in magazines

different colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer. 

 for example if you made a sports magazine you would make the main title red as it would convey physical energy, vitality and stamina towards the viewer. I would also make the background yellow as it would make the viewer feel personal power, and it would increase fun. i would also for a coverline involving hiking i would use a green font colour as some sports involve nature and the colour green makes the viewer think about nature.
for a gaming magazine i would make the background yellow to make it fun. i would make the title orange to make the viewer feel pleasure and enthusiastic towards the magazine and game. 

For a magazine about ponies i would make the title green as it would make the viewer feel love and nature. i would make the cover lines red to make the viewer to feel passion.

For a magazine about baking i would make the title yellow to make the audience feel fun, creativity and  personal power. I would then make the cover-lines orange as it stimulates productivity, enthusiasm and optimism.