Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Photoshop Evaluation

My finished Photoshop image looks like a plain ravens wood badge with the word 'RAVENS' written in the middle.  I like it as I found out how to use many different tools in photoshop like the filler tool and the spray paint tool.  I chose the colours black and green as they are the colours of the school and they also go well with my font colour. The main image in the picture was the shield in the background which I changed the colours in the corners to green and black to match the school colours, then I found an image of the words 'RAVENS' with an image of a raven bird inbetween some of the letters.

To make my image better I could of spent less time picking a shield to go in the background as that took me many lessons to chooses then I had very little time to finish the rest of my design. However as I took so long picking the shield I am very happy with it as I took a lot if time to carefully chose it.  I need to practise photoshop a lot more to get better at it. However overall I am happy with my design

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