Thursday, 6 February 2014

colour connotations in magazines

different colours can convey different meanings or connotations to the viewer. 

 for example if you made a sports magazine you would make the main title red as it would convey physical energy, vitality and stamina towards the viewer. I would also make the background yellow as it would make the viewer feel personal power, and it would increase fun. i would also for a coverline involving hiking i would use a green font colour as some sports involve nature and the colour green makes the viewer think about nature.
for a gaming magazine i would make the background yellow to make it fun. i would make the title orange to make the viewer feel pleasure and enthusiastic towards the magazine and game. 

For a magazine about ponies i would make the title green as it would make the viewer feel love and nature. i would make the cover lines red to make the viewer to feel passion.

For a magazine about baking i would make the title yellow to make the audience feel fun, creativity and  personal power. I would then make the cover-lines orange as it stimulates productivity, enthusiasm and optimism.

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