Thursday, 27 February 2014

Masthead- The masthead is the title. For example in this magazine the title is cosmopolitan

Direct Address- This image uses direct address which means it keeps eye contact with you no matter where you are. Direct address is also used in this as in the text it says 'you' and 'your' to make it personal. For example one coverline says 'already in "your" wardrobe'

Model Credits- The model credit is where they say the models name for example in this the magazine the model credit is jessica alba.

Main Image- The main image is the image of the model. The main image is usually aspirational.

Main Coverline- The main coverline is 'body secrets' you can tell this as it is the largest coverline on the page.

The main colours on cosmopolitan are usually pinks and purples as the magazine is a female magazine and it is trying to attract that sort of audience instead of men.

As this magazine is feminist most of the coverlines are about health, sex and beauty. for example a magazine is "Body secrets"

The text is chatty and informal so it appeals and relates to the audience. 

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